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Big News from Grand Rock

Small ­ town journalist Leonard Crane starts making up stories in his hometown paper, but gets in trouble when one of his fabricated news pieces attracts the attention of a big city reporter.
Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story

Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story follows the journey of an amateur dog dancing troupe and an aspiring theatre director as they attempt to mount the first ever dog dancing and indoor kite flying theatrical performance.

The film captures the challenges the women face in their personal lives as well as on the stage, and is as much about the trials and tribulations of producing an amateur theatrical performance as it is about the amazing bond between handler and dog. The group spends over two years realizing their first time director’s vision as they write scripts, build sets, raise funds and rehearse to the point of exhaustion. As tension mounts and hurdles pile on, the resolve of these spirited women and their dogs is constantly tested while the director’s patience is pushed to the brink. Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story is a captivating look into the lives of those who dance with their dogs, not for fame, but simply for the love of it.

Directed by Justin Turcotte

English 83 minutes

Down Here

A growing number of murders targeting young women in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver have left law enforcement with little to go on. Into this world enters ROY HARRIS (Dean Wray) an alcoholic detective wracked with the guilt of crippling his daughter while drunk behind the wheel. When the lines between Roy's professional life and his addiction begin to blur, he finds himself under the scrutiny of his boss SUPERINTENDENT WILEY (Brent Stait) and the department psychiatrist DR. MILLER (Michael Rogers). A chance meeting with STELLA MITCHELL (Tantoo Cardinal) may provide Roy with the understanding he needs to get his life on track, however when the body of another victim turns up, Roy crosses the professional line and in doing so endangers the safety of his trusted partner DET. TIM BOWN (Martin Cummins). Relieved of his badge, Roy takes to the streets in search of the killer and with the help of YVONNE (Teach Grant) a transvestite hooker, he just might find the redemption he is looking for, but will he embrace sobriety in time?

Starring Tantoo Cardinal, Dean Wray and Martin Cummins

English 90 minutes

The Blade of Tunis

In pre-revolution Tunis, a moped rider, razor blade in hand, prowls the streets, slashing the most beautiful buttocks of women walking the streets. His name, “The Challat”. Ten years later a young female director seeks him out to make him answer for his crimes.

Directed by Ben Hania Kaouther

Arabic (English subtitles) 90 minutes


In 1979 at the peak of the Lebanese Civil War, a young Armeinan girl's life in a small village becomes forever linked to a group of heroes, the survivors of the 20th century's first genocide.

Growing up in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War, the filmmaker's life in a small Armenian village becomes forever linked to a group of 1915 genocide survivors. Through rare photos and archival footage the feature documentary lyrically travels between two war-torn eras, leaving the viewer with the impression that history is never that far away.

Directed by Noura Kevorkian

Colour, English 87 minutes

Citizen Marc

CITIZEN MARC is a witty, irreverent biopic about famed Canadian pot activist Marc Emery, who just finished serving 5 years in a US penitentiary for selling marijuana seeds to Americans over the Internet.

Directed by Roger Evan Larry

Colour, English 93 minutes

Eddie the Sleepwalking Cannibal

A twisted comedy by Boris Rodriguez

Starring Thure Lindhardt

Colour, English, 83 minutes, Region 1

The Maiden Danced to Death

The story of two brothers – two dancers – in post-Communist Hungary. One left, the other stuck it out. One gave his soul to commerce, the other to the Party. After twenty years, they meet again. And the dance begins.

A film by Endre Hules

Colour, Hungarian & English, 107 minutes, Region 1

Powerful: Energy for Everyone

Challenging where our energy comes from and who profits from it can seem a little eccentric…

A documentary by David Chernushenko

Colour, English, 95 minutes

Bike City: Great City

Great cities for cycling, are better places for everyone.

A David Chernushenko film

Colour English 40 minutes

A Taste of JupiterA Taste of Jupiter

Everybody and their brother in Little Italy has a story ...

Starring Eli Wallach
Directed by Derek Diorio

Colour, English, 97 minutes

Kiss of Debt

A comedic romp about an Opera obsessed Mafia Don who’s used to having people sing from his song sheet

Starring Ernest Borgnine
Directed by Derek Diorio

English, 99 minutes

House of Luk

Three lives are about to change ... three fortunes are about to unfold ... three cookies are about to be eaten ...

Starring Pat Morita
Directed by Derek Diorio

Colour, English, 114 minutes

Punch and Judy

A tale of love and deception

With Graham Greene
Directed by Derek Diorio

English, 90 minutes

Mann to Mann

Watch the Mann sisters as they try to "take it all off": familial obligation, dysfunctional behaviour and the cursed and comic compromises of conducting business

Starring Tori Hammond and Lorraine Ansell
Directed by Derek Diorio

Series 1 - 6 Episodes

The Funeral... Again!

Sometimes there is life after death.

Directed by Matt West

Colour, English, 11 minutes

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