House of Luk

Starring Pat Morita
Directed by Derek Diorio

Colour, English, 114 minutes
Three lives are about to change ... three fortunes are about to unfold ... three cookies are about to be eaten ...

House of Luk is more than just a Chinese Restaurant. It's where people talk about their problems, fall in love and learn about life. Follow the comic mis-adventures of three men as they figure out what it means to eat at the House of Luk. Marshall Cotton (Dan Lalande), is a balding, middle-aged down-and-out salesman who's always selling the wrong thing - including his ex-wife! Ho Fook Lao (John Ng) is a bumbling Feng Shui Consultant whose life is in constant dis-harmony until he meets the woman of his dreams. Problem is, she's a lesbian. Chuck Warden (Pierre Brault) is a building contractor who lives with his silent mother and emotionally distant son. Desperate to bring harmony into his home - he discovers a very special musical way of reaching out to his family and communicating the love he feels for them. Lording over them all is Kwang Luk (Pat Morita - The Karate Kid), the restaurant's Buddha-like proprietor who gives Marshall, Ho Fook and Chuck each a fortune cookie with a cryptic message. Is their Luk about to change?

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