view title on IMDB.comCool Daddy

The story of a man desperately trying to be a good father after a lifetime spent trying to be a great star. Featuring the late legendary Canadian jazz singer, Kenny Coleman.

view title on IMDB.comUnleashed! A Dog Dancing Story

Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story follows the journey of an amateur dog dancing troupe and an aspiring theatre director as they attempt to mount the first ever dog dancing and indoor kite flying theatrical performance.

The film captures the challenges the women face in their personal lives as well as on the stage, and is as much about the trials and tribulations of producing an amateur theatrical performance as it is about the amazing bond between handler and dog. The group spends over two years realizing their first time director’s vision as they write scripts, build sets, raise funds and rehearse to the point of exhaustion. As tension mounts and hurdles pile on, the resolve of these spirited women and their dogs is constantly tested while the director’s patience is pushed to the brink. Unleashed! A Dog Dancing Story is a captivating look into the lives of those who dance with their dogs, not for fame, but simply for the love of it.

view title on IMDB.comAnjar: Flowers, Goats and Heroes
In 1979 at the peak of the Lebanese Civil War, a young Armeinan girl's life in a small village becomes forever linked to a group of heroes, the survivors of the 20th century's first genocide.

Growing up in Lebanon during the Lebanese Civil War, the filmmaker's life in a small Armenian village becomes forever linked to a group of 1915 genocide survivors. Through rare photos and archival footage the feature documentary lyrically travels between two war-torn eras, leaving the viewer with the impression that history is never that far away.

view title on IMDB.comCitizen Marc

A witty, irreverent biopic about famed Canadian pot activist Marc Emery, who just finished serving 5 years in a US penitentiary for selling marijuana seeds to Americans over the Internet.  Emery is remarkable both for his astonishing ability to garner attention for himself and his cause as well as for the millions in profits from his marijuana seed sales that he has poured into the legalization fight across North America. Together, these efforts have made Emery arguably the most influential marijuana activist of his generation and a target for the United States government. But unlike virtually all materials on Emery, which see him as a martyr and champion of Canadian sovereignty, CITIZEN MARC submits Emery and some of his politics to significant scrutiny, wondering how Emery’s openly narcissistic quest for fame and avowedly pro-capitalist politics influenced his activism.

Powerful: Energy for Everyone

Challenging where our energy comes from and who profits from it can seem a little eccentric… After all, not everyone has solar panels bolted above the doorstep. Green economy educator David Chernushenko does, and they generate more than enough energy to go around. So why can’t he share it? New technologies mean that energy security is within our grasp, but harsh resistance is still being met. Debunking some of the spin of the big energy lobby, David embarks on a global journey to discover what a sustainable future might actually look like.

*Honourable Mention – Planet in Focus 2011, Toronto (Green Screen Award) -Official Selection, Green Film Festival Seoul, South Korea 2011 -Official Selection, Projecting Change, Vancouver, Canada 2011 -Official Selection, Real Earth 2011, New Zealand -Official Selection, Colorado Environmental Film Festival 2010
view title on IMDB.comColour, English, 95 minutes

A documentary by David Chernushenko

view title on IMDB.comBike City, Great City

David, a city councillor in Canada’s capital, is determined to make his hometown a better city for cycling. He wants his city — and every city — to strive for gold, and he’s going to take us on a ride to find out how it can be done. He’ll show us how Copenhagen set the gold standard for cycling and quality of life, and look at what some North American cities are doing right.

Directed by David Chernushenko. Produced by Terry Kimmel and Tucker House Renewal Centre